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Programming and Database Tutorials

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C/C++ Tutorials:

An introductory style C/C++ Tutorial (.pdf)
C++ FAQs and Tutorials (various)
C for beginners
An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in C++
The Standard Template Library Tutorial
Devloper's C/C++ Tutorials
Multiple C++ Tutorials (pretty disorganized)
Thinking in C++ 2nd Edition (a free book by Bruce Eckel)

C# (C sharp):

Recommended Books : (please buy one to support my reading habits)
Inside C # ( / /International)
C# Unleashed

C# Station Tutorial
A website full of tutorials and information on this new language

Threads and Posix Programming

Recommended Books : (please buy one to support my reading habits)
Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment ( / International)
Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment ( )

This Site
Getting Started With Posix Threads (.pdf), taken from SWIG site with permission

Other Sites
The SWIG Posix Threads Page
A Pthreads Primer

Delphi/Kylix/Pascal Tutorials:

An Old (3.0) delphi tutorial
Delphi and Kylix tutorials in German (translate with altavista)
Delphi Database Programming Tutorials
Delphi Programming Tutorials

SQL and Database Tutorials:

SQL Tutorial (Introduction to SQL) (by Jim Hoffmann )

OS Specific Programming/Info.

Linux Specific Programming
ACM's Introduction to Unix

Java Tutorials:

Recommended Books : (please buy one to support my reading habits)
Core Java 2, Volume 1 ( / International)
Core Java 2, Volume 2 ( / International)
Core Java 2: Volume 1- Fundmentals ( )
Core Java 2: Volume 2- Advanced Features ( )

Java Tutorials specific to J++ and JBuilder plus Java (generic) for Beginners and Intermediate users
Brewing Java: A Tutorial
Javasoft's Collection of Beginners Tutorials

Unix Shell Scripts

Other Sites


Perl's Main Tutorial Site
Server Side Perl


Writing CGI based programs in Python
Learn Python in an Afternoon
Server Side Python
Five Minutes to a Python CGI

Recommended Books : (please buy one to support my reading habits)
Programming Python (2nd Edition) ( / /International)


A Quick Prolog Introduction
Prolog Adventure
Guide to Prolog Programming

J (not java based, but the APL based one)

Recommended Books : (please buy one to support my reading habits)
Fractals Visualization and J ( / /International)

Learning J (an entire book!)
Multiple J Books and links

Visual Basic

Visual Basic Tutorials (old, based on Windows 3.1)
Visual Basic Web
Mastering Visual Basic (introductory)
Collection of different VB Tutorials
A Collection of 17 VB Tutorials (starts at begginners leve)
Visual Basic Scripting v5.0

Links to other Sites

Place to buy tutorials (video, books, etc.)
Webmonkey (great place for all sorts of tutorials)

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